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AGLEF, Chad Rosenberg and Needy Organizations Partner

AGLEF and Needy OrganizationsSeveral employees identified organizations whose missions are dependent on the shipping of goods. This has provided ideal partnership opportunities for AGL and, through the AGLEF, the following containers were moved at cost or at no charge:

  • Children International is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to easing the burdens of poverty on children. AGLEF facilitated the move of two containers, first a container of books from Guthrie, K to Guatemala and then soap from Charleston to Barranouilla.
  • Global Soap Projects collects slightly used bars of soap from various hotels and recycles them into new bars of soap to distribute to needy populations.
  • MedShare is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that collects usable medical supplies and equipment and redistributes it to healthcare facilities in underserved communities around the world. AGLEF facilitated the move of two containers. The first went from Decatur, GA to Bolivia and the second went from Oakland, CA to North Manila.

Trip To Panama  – Chad Rosenberg and Jim Briles Host Visit in March

Chad Rosenberg and AGLEF

Participants, in addition to Chad and Jim, were Otto Valdes, Jim Markey from TBC Tire, Merredith Muscattelo from Bassett Furniture and Greg Brinkman from WS Badcock. In addition to touring the canal, they visited an orphanage in Panama. Based on a conversation that Otto had with one of the nuns who runs the orphanage, the AGL team knew that the 150 children in the orphanage needed dress shoes. After spending two hours shopping for the shoes, the group went to the orphanage and handed out the shoes (and candy) to a lot of the kids.

Jim Briles sent an email describing the experience and its effects on him “The orphanage was actually far nicer than I think we were all expecting and at first
glance appears to be well off. However, after speaking with the nuns, they informed us that everything is donated, included their daily food needs. Therefore, without daily food donations, the 150 kids do not eat. As nice as the orphanage appeared, it really hit home how much of a daily struggle they have. I am more than thankful I got to participate in this experience. AGL, though our foundation will have a strong focus going forward on helping others through charities, volunteerism, etc. Please be prepared and on the look out as we will be working to get everyone much more involved in the foundation going forward and I hope it can be rewarding for everyone as this one trip was for me!”